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End of Term Round Up


  • Thank you all on behalf of all the staff and pupils for your continued support over this year.  Thank you for following the one way system, thank you for wearing masks and not driving into the yard.  If you did forget then I've put your name on the board!!!
  • Pupils will return to school on Tuesday 7th September.  Friday 3rd September and Monday 5th September are INSET days.
  • We very much hope that restrictions will have eased by our return in September but as yet have not had detailed guidance yet from Welsh Government and RCT.  We will let you know as soon as we are able to before the start of term.
  • Very best wishes to our year six leavers moving on to Mountain Ash Comprehensive School.  Please keep in touch to let us know how you are getting on.
  • As you are aware Mrs. Robins has finally hung up her painting apron and retired.  I'm sure you will join me in thanking her for her 36 years of service to the school and the community - it's a very well deserved retirement.  She would like to pass on to parents her thanks for her retirement gift although at the moment she is still trying to untie the tins from the back of her car!
  • Have an enjoyable and safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you again in the new school year.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at:


Classes for 2021 -2022


Class NameYear GroupsTeacher(s)
Dosbarth CochPre-Nursery and NurseryMrs. R. Jackson 
Dosbarth OrenReception and Year 1Mrs. K. Hurley (4 days)/ Miss K. Scorey (1 day)
Dosbarth MelynYear 2Mrs. B. Hounsam (4 days)/ Miss K. Scorey (1 day)
Dosbarth Gwyrdd

Year 3 and 4

Miss. A. Mitchell
Dosbarth GlasYear 4 and 5Miss. R. James
Dosbarth PorfforYear 6Mrs. A. Davies
Dosbarth PincASD Unit Nursery - Year 2Mrs. A. Waldron


Class Names

  • There will be a change of name to the classes next year.  The feedback from parents was that it could be confusing previously in that the class names were numbers but also the year group was a number.  For example, a year four pupil might have been in Dosbarth 3. 
  • School Council suggested that the classes follow the colours of the rainbow which we thought was an excellent idea.

Classes for Next Year

  • Please note the class names and teachers above.  Later today (08.07.21) we will text you the class that your child is in next year. 
  • Our class sizes are small.  It is worth noting that a large amount of the grant money that we receive as a school is spent on staffing to support smaller classes for your children. 
  • In a smaller class your child can access more time from their class teacher or learning assistant.  We also spend grant funding on targeted interventions, for example in Reading or Mathematics, to once again support the children’s learning.

Staff Changes

  • Mrs R. Jackson is joining us and will be leading Dosbarth Coch (Pre-Nursery and Nursery)
  • Mrs B. Hounsom will be covering Mrs. Orton’s maternity starting in September.  Mrs B. Hounsom will be familiar to you as she has already covered for Mrs Orton for part of this term.



  • Gyda'n gilydd - I gyrraedd y brig
  • Living, learning and growing together to be the best