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For this term we will be looking at our new theme of 'Dangerous Dinosaurs'.


The topic lets us explore the different species that existed millions of years ago, while looking at their environments and characteristics.


Some of our main focus points will be:

- Exploring the dinosaurs themselves.

- Different food habits.

- Comparing sizes.

- What happened to all the dinosaurs.


Within our classroom we have created a dinosaur hideaway in our role play section, here they can explore texts and figures to support this. They will be participating in the making of their own dinosaurs through a variety of different concepts. We will be conducting experiments to see how volcanos erupted and using expressive dance to interrupt how dinosaurs movements were thought to be all those years ago.

Finally, we are hoping to have a visit from a local dinosaur company so that the children can really gets to grasps with a real life dinosaur experience.



World Book Day in Nursery!

During our World Book day in school we looked at the book The Gruffalo. 

The children participated in a range of activities linked to this.

They were introduced to the book, and throughout the day they had the opportunity to colour, help make a real life Gruffalo, a counting exercise of his spikes and instructional play dough cards where they had to follow directions to make certain Gruffalo characters! 

Fun was had by all!

A few highlights from our term!

Frozen Dancing

Still image for this video
Children were allowed to express themselves using ribbons and dance.

Library visit

Spring Term

For the Spring Term our theme is 'Where does snow go?'.


The topic mainly focuses on the changes in our environment between the seasons and how people and animals adapt to this.


Some of the things we are learning about within this topic are:

- Change in temperatures.

- How to keep ourselves warm and cool ourselves down.

- How ice and snow are formed.


Within our class we have created an igloo in our role play section and a small world area where the children can explore arctic animals. We will be making snowy scenes and our own polar bears and penguins to decorate our class. We are going to be exploring different ways to freeze and melt liquids and also investigating the outside area around our school to see physical changes.





Dosbarth Coch are Christmas ready!

Remembrance Day after our minutes silence.

  • Gyda'n gilydd - I gyrraedd y brig
  • Living, learning and growing together to be the best